Say Hello, Goodbye… a fanmade series

In my attempt to looks for videos featuring Song Joongki, I found someone on youtube who has made a very nice fan made series for Song Joongki and Min Hyorin‘s characters from the drama Triple.

I found her videos about 2 months ago and I’ve waited until she finished editing it.

The series is called Say Hello, Goodbye (안녕, love). And in her videos, she mentions, “What if you knew the ending of the story? Would you still take the chance… for that ephemeral happiness? on love?” Nice tag line! The series is composed of 5 parts. You can see all of them in order below:

Click here for the teaser. Click here for the playlist on youtube.

It was a fun to watch fan made series. I am very amazed at how she edited it. She got her materials from a lot of different sources, not just the drama Triple. The music that she chose for these videos just make it perfect. The cuts of the scenes make you feel you are watching another drama. And for a Song Joongki fan I know they would love it! I know this is such a tedious work, and I think she deserves a round of applause for it! And because sharing is caring, I’m putting it up on my blog! kk

Kudos to you ch0uxpastryheart2!!

Please visit her channel on yt:


Song Joongki’s Let’s Be Coffee CF

It’s the Friday rush…

I had to take a breather so I’m writing this. Breathe in.. breathe out…

So how do I take a breather.. by putting up a post of Song Joongki’s Let’s Be Coffee.

For the 15 second version click here.

I like Let’s Be coffee… well even before he was on the CF. In this CF he joins rising actress Baek Jin Hee (Loving You a Thousand Times, Secret Garden). Who would not want to ride alongside Song Joongki on a bicycle… I bet a lot of girls would. It’s a cute CF and once again, they have highlighted the circling of ones arms on the hip for support. Well maybe to some it does not mean anything, but to Koreans it has something to do with skinship.. for the unfamiliar, read this post by dramabeans

Oh well.. breathing time is over.. now back to reality!

edited: bonus bonus!!! just missing Sungkyunkwan Scandal! ^_^

**credits: joonismine2 and yunakimdaebak@yt


Haven’t Blogged for Ages

Yes I haven’t blogged for ages… because of my crazy schedule, I haven’t had the time to post anything on my blog.. I have just been frequenting other kpop and kdrama related websites.. and I was amazed with the increase in the number of these sites.

Not so long ago, if my memory serves me right, there were only a handful of those sites. But now I have lost track of the number of kpop, jpop and cpop blogs. It’s amazing what technology can do! We’ll to me it’s a good things as now shows have now become so readily available. I don’t need to try too hard to do a search. But on the other hand, I feel like most contents are about idols… don’t get me wrong, I am a a fan of an idol group. If you take a look at my blog, I also write about them, but sometimes I feel like the other artists have been overshadowed by them. And a lot of new idol groups are coming out. For someone who has been addicted to the hallyu wave for quite some time, I realized that  it’s difficult to keep up.

But nonetheless, I am still an avid fan of all things kpop! and kdrama 🙂

So what do I share in my post today… my not so new obsession.. and he goes by the name of Song Joong Ki..

Just some pictures.. who knows I might be inspired to write another entry ^_^ till then!

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