Gong Yoo’s new movie.. Finding Mr. Destiny

Gong Yoo fans! Rejoice!
Your favorite actor is back!

My friend is a big fan of Gong Yoo and she was so excited about him being discharged from the army. But I guess she will be more excited when she learns that her favorite hearthrob has a new movie.

The movie is called Finding Mr. Destiny. It’s said to be a romantic comedy where Gong Yoo’s characted opens an agency that could help people find their first love. The movie also stars Im Soo Jung who hires Gong Yoo’s character to find her first love Kim Jong Wook.But in the end the heroine falls in love with Gong Yoo. Check out the trailer of the movie:

Though Gong Yoo’s character looks a bit like a nerd.. kk.. it sure looks nice. I think I miss all those romantic comedies in the past. The ones like “My Sassy Girl” and “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant”. I hope this would be a good one!

Gummy and Bobby Kim have also lent their voiced to the OST of the movie throught the song Love Recipe. To me it’s a plus! I like Gummy, and the official video of this song also has some scenes from the movie.

Gummy and Bobby Kim’s voices fit perfectly!

Oh and according to allkpop stars have attended the movie premiere. Click this link to see it.

Gong Yoo still looks handsome.. kk can’t wait to watch this!

credits: allkpop + Filmsmash3 and YGEntertainment@yt + as tagged