Infinity Challenge New Parodies (Abracadabra and My Ear’s Candy)

Infiinity Challenge does it again!!! ^^ I was laughing so hard when I saw these videos that I nearly fell off my chair!!!

Infinity Challenge is a very popular show that does parodies. Since the first time I saw their Haru Haru parody I would always anticipate the next parody that they would make. It’s always very fun to watch these parodies. Another famous one that they did was that of Gee. This time the guys did a parody of the popular Korean music show Music Core… I’m sharing two “live performances”.. Abracadabra and My Ear’s candy!

My Ear’s Candy – almost fell from my chair laughing at this performance.. you better see to know why!

Abracadabra – I envy Junjin! my gosh he looks really pretty.. if you’ve seen the Gee parody he looks really pretty there too.. In this video he still dances very well!

**credits NormsOffical@youtube