Sorea Group Covers Tell Me Your Wish (SNSD)

I was looking in youtube for covers of Kpop songs. And I found this!

Sorea Group – the popular group that made covers of Kpop songs like Gee and  Sorry Sorry have made another cover of a So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) song – their new song! This groups makes covers by playing the songs using traditional Korean instruments.

As always I am amazed by this group. Their covers sound really nice. In this cover, instead of having a girl sing the verses, a guy is singing them. Though it’s different from the original version – the guy doing the vocals adds another flavor to the song. I don’t know about you but it sound nice to me. Kudos to these guys! Not only are they promoting their culture but their doing a great job entertaining us!

**credits rebt0@youtube +