Asian Coke Commercials

So I had nothing to do 😛 ehehe…

I sometimes have an obsession for ads! Ahaha. This all started way back in college (probably because I took up advertising as an additional course). I love the way companies sell their products through their ads. To me I especially love funny commercials — and sometimes it usually gets banned. In the States, companies are willing to pay a high premium just to put show their ads for the first time during the Super Bowl.

One of the companies that has unique and very good ads is Coca Cola. Their ads are really fun to watch. So what I’m posting now are COKE ads. And since my current obsession is with anything asian I’m putting Asian Coke ads in the spotlight..


Asian Coke Ads – China

Angela Zhang and Wilber Pan

If you’ve watched Romantic Princess, I’m sure you know who Angela Zhang is. According to my friend, Angela Zhang is quite popular in China (you can see her on the sprite pet bottle.. or was it 7up??). Wilber Pan on the other hand is the guy who sang Bu De Bu Ai. He also starred in Miss No Good last year with Rainie. This ad is cute. Both of them are sitting together — far apart from each other, when suddenly something that sounded like a telephone rang. As there is no phone in sight, he opened the bag and got the coke out and said “Wei” ahahaha. It was a cute way to get a girl’s attention..

Wilber Pan, Liu Xiang and Angela Xiang

Coke was the one of the official sponsors for Beijing Olympics last year. This commercial was made sometime 2007 and it featured one of China’s athlete (track and field) Liu Xiang. The commercial features Wilber Pan and Liu Xiang fighting over a Coke bottle. Liu Xiang in the end finally gets the bottle (watch it and you’ll see how he did it) but its ok, Wilber Pan gets the girl! wahahaha.. ke ai!

Wang Lee Hom and some Chinese athletes

Wang Lee Hom is still so ke ai!!! This is another coke ad that features the some athetes (again promoting the Olympics). Athletes fight over getting the Coke bottle but in the end the last athlete jumps towards the helicopter and shares the coke with Lee Hom.

Asian Coke Ads – Korea

Shinwa Coke Ad

Ok so I am a confessed Korean entertainment industry addict. There I’ve said it! So I also had to post ads from Korea. I’m starting it with a Coke ad that features Shinwa. I think this is an old ad, but it features them getting “high” on Coke. It was fun to watch them. Spot you’re favorite member!

Jeon Ji Hyun and Eddie Peng

Jeon Ji Hyun is the girl from the infamous movie My Sassy Girl. She reprises that role in the movie. However its not the same guy but with a Taiwanese guy, Eddie Peng (he was the guy from Wayward Kenting – he looks a little like Joe Cheng.

Eric (Shinwa) for Coke zero

Eric is sooooooooo hot! ahahaha. This commercial is actually the third part of the coke zero series. The first and the second commercial had Eric snatched the drink from the girl. The third commercial features the girl’s revenge ^^. He looks so hot here!

Asian Coke Ads – Philippines (some of my faves)

Eto and Beat sabay sabay

I think this came out some 5 years ago or 4 years ago, couldn’t remember. But what I remembered was that it had us doing the beat too! The ad features two girls fighting over who gets the Coke. They do it through a play of hands. I remember my classmates memorized how to do it.. Eto and beat sabay sabay, eto ang beat bawal sablay! ahahaha..

Nikki Gil – Sana

This was the Philippine’s version of the “I Wish” multilingual Coke campaign. This features Nikki Gil (who was not so popular back then). I love the song and the concept of the commercial. Nikki Gil walking around the streets distributing Coke to people from several walks of life… the concept was touching and nice.

Angel and Devil

This was the campaign ad by Coke sometime last year. The concept was unique and cute in a way. An angel from heaven looks down on earth and see people drinking something and they feel refreshed. She comes down and gets a Coke from the vending machine. She see a guy and asks him if he was from here.. then the guy answers “I am now”. Notice the horns! ahahaha… fun fun fun!

It was fun to watch all these commercials. But its a little hard looking for them and posting it! wahahaha. But I’ll be posting another set next time 😀

**credits to all youtube users who posted the videos! sorry I forgot to mention who you are…


Xin Wo – Fahrenheit ft S.H.E

Sometime last year, one of the big networks here in the Philippines featured Romantic Princess as one of their shows. This drama starred Angela Zhang, Wu Chun and Calvin Chen. Wu Chun and Calvin Chen are both members of the popular Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit (Fei Lun Hai — the other two other member are Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan).

To promote the show, the network decided to bring the two gorgeous boys to the Philippines for a tour! Because of this certain “visit”, my addiction to anything Asian to the maximum leve :D.

The show’s opening theme is a song sung by Fahrenheit and their record label-mates S.H.E. The song is entitled Xin Wo (New Home/New Crib) I likes this song and its video thus I wanted to share it.

Xin Wo (Romanji lyrics)

gan shou bu yi xing rong
jiu shuan hui you yi dian tang tu ye yao shuo
qing ban jing wo xin wo
ru guo ni bu xing fu zai li jia chu zou
wo xin wo zuo ni de xin wo
ye xu ping su bu tai gou
shen zhi hui yong ji dao zhi zhuang de xia ni wo

qing kuai zun bei xing li
dui diao yong bu dao de shang xin jiu hui yi
na hai zhong xiang ben ri ji cong ci gen xin
zhi you bi ci zhuan shu tian mi

bao zhen jiu dui diao you jian bang jiu gou
zui hou yong guan xin wen hou
kun bang wo men de shou wan gong

zhi yao zai ni shen bian wo jiu sheng diao si nian
shi jian zhi yong lai juan lian
wo yao zai ni sheng bian jin qing lang fei xi yue
ye xu yi dai jiu yong yuan

guan ta jin wo yin wo
zhen yang dou bi bu guo bi ci de xin wo
da bao yi xiang wen rou
jin hou duo duo zhi jiao jiu xiang hu kuan rong
ni xin wo zuo wo de xin wo
nuan qi bu xu yao shi yong
wo yi jing wen nuan dao rong hua suo you leng mo

Xin Wo (Transalation)

It’s not easy to describe the feeling
Even if it’s a little sudden, I still want to ask you
Please move into my heart
If you are not happy then you leave home
Let my heart be your new nest
Maybe the square footage is not enough
It may even be so crowded that it can only fit you and me

Please get your luggage ready
Throw away the useless sad, old memories
The diary in the mind begins anew
It only has our exclusive happiness

Throwing away the pillow, I just need a shoulder
Lastly, use caring to greet you
Tight up our hands and we are done

As long as I stay by your side, I can save from missing you
Time is for attachment
I want to stay by your side, to heartily waste the happiness
Maybe this stay will be forever

Who cares whether it’s gold nest or silver nest
It can’t compare with our nest
Pack a box of gentleness
From now on, we’ll listen to each other so we can be tolerant toward one another
Let your heart be my new nest
I don’t need to use the heater
I’m already warm enough to melt any cold indifference

*** lyrics were posted by WaterOB on dramawiki

If you liked the song click here to download.