Tarantallegra’s Dance Version (Junsu of JYJ)

Now this is more like it!

It’s the dance version of Junsu‘s (JYJ) Tallantalegra.

 I think this is way better than the other MV. Why? Because of the dance! OMO, I love how powerful the dance is!!!

I also have to say that this dance video was very well edited. It’s not like all the other dance version MVs where the artist just dances. It still has a very strong connection to the concept of the previous video with a lot less of all the drama and more dance. I did not cringe in while watching this video. lol!

Now the only thing that’s would make this song’s promotion perfect is if Junsu can promote this in broadcasts like Music Bank. Wonder when I can see him and the rest of JYJ do it again??

This post is a little short because I can’t help going through the video over and over again! The dance speaks for itself! ^_^

**credits: CJESJYJ@yt

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