Subbed Zettai Kareshi Special

It’s finally out!


Thanks to “i found it” for the heads up!

Zettai Kareshi special has finally been subbed by Sars Fansubs!!! click on the link

Zettai Kareshi special (

Happy watching!

update!!! i just finished watching the special! it’s a must see for one who enjoyed the drama! once again hayami mokomichi shows off his gorgeos body!!! and mizushima hiro looks absolutely divine! ahahaha

spoiler alert (highlight to see contents)!!!!

from the story, there will be no more special episodes for this drama, this will be the last… so if you enjoyed watching the drama and you’ve cried watching the drama, you must see this… it’s time to say goodbye to our favorite robot Tenjo Night :(… sigh i’ll be missing this drama…


3 comments on “Subbed Zettai Kareshi Special

  1. i love the drama!!!!

    i read the manga first though and i can’t believe it when they announced that it will have its own live-action..

    really love mokomichi!!!!!!

    for this special, i really like that riiko stil loves night….


    again, i cried at this special… but not harder like the series..



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